Today my babies turn Double Digits!  10 years ago my life changed as I knew it when these two bundles of joy came in our lives. 

I always believed they were a message from above because once I became pregnant with them everything in my life changed.  I was a career mom with one child, working hard, in a management position and balancing a whole lot.  Once I found out it was twins (very late in my pregnancy) and was put on doctor-ordered bed rest it all changed for me.  I left corporate America and put my focus on being a mom.  I knew that being the mom of three I wanted to be home with them and I clearly took that sign from above to slow down and do just that. 

When they entered our world things changed for many….my parents retired (best grandparents ever), I became a stay-at-home mom and found a whole new passion for my art and was a mom involved in evey facet of my kid's lives.  Never has that been more important than this week seeing Joey sicker than I have ever seen him.  Poor guy has pneumonia and he is hopefully on the mend so this week we can enjoy my cousin being here for the week. 

10 years later things are so different but I truly believe they all work out for a reason.  What has not changed is my love and dedication to being their mom.  TWB_1598a
Happy Birthday to my two little people.  You are loved by so many and I am so glad you delivered that message to me…….and I listened.


 "Twice as much to love, two blessings from above."  ~Author Unknown