Great news….as you have seen of late on Mixed Media Monday I have had a whole new bunch of new brushes to play with and that is thanks to the peeps at Dynasty Brush!  They have been overgenerous with brushes for my every waking painting need and I get more excited trying every one!


I am proud to announce I am a Dynasty Brush Artisan.  What does that mean other then I have super cool brushes to use and share?  Fun giveaways, new brushes to try and learn from!  (Yes you can learn from brushes).  And having the right tool for the right job (as my dad wisely put it!).


I am also so happy to announce that they are sponsors of my classes and workshops so you get to use them too!  AND also a Ministry of Mixology in Chicago sponsor.  How is that for a wonderful partnership?  I am proud to represent and work with them.

But………..I always ask for more. What about a deal?  They have offered a discount with The Brush Guys when you want to order your own brushes.  They give a 5% discount and all  you have to do is mention “twstudios”.  You can order here:


Ready, set, paint!

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