So every year Janine has the Christmas cookie baking deal so I figured I could have coloring Easter Eggs.  I mean, it involves color, decorating and painting…this is perfect for me.  I carefully spread out the dyes, food coloring, egg dippers, pens and more and we are set for an afternoon of creative Easter egg dying.  I even got in on the action and created my own
TWB_0969 TWB_0982
TWB_0990 TWB_1026

Gee, this is relaxing.  Yep, I found my creative niche and everyone is having a great time……..this is great.  But do you really believe that could be true with 6 kids….there always has to be one in the bunch
TWB_1005 TWB_1014

It was Joey's turn….there goes peace, tranquility and creativity right out the front door.

….but all in all it was great and after that experience Janine and I were numb (anyone notice men in background being the smart ones).  All Janine and I could do was laugh and be thankful that coloring eggs is another 365 days away.  And in the end all turned out smiles and fun as you can see here.  

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So now I am re-thinking the whole creative mom deal and going to let Janine have the holidays.  She is so much better at that stuff.  I will stick to taking the photos.