I love holiday traditions.  Every holiday there are a list of things that need to be checked off.  Easter is no different and my favorite tradition is the egg dying.  I make sure we have plenty of colors, a minimum of 18 eggs (which trust me takes more than 2 dozen for me to get those 18) and that we all participate.  Tyler is getting to the age where I think he will opt out but I think he likes those traditions as much as I do and never puts up a fight. 

This year I almost felt useless as in previous years the kids were little and needed help, or needed me to write a name but this year they all wanted to dye solo…..I took my photographs and that was it. 

Easter_2010 copy

The kids had a great time and this mommy enjoyed egg salad sandwhiches for a week.  Great way to spend an afternoon on Spring Break.