What an amazing Easter weekend it was from start to finish.  I really enjoyed this weekend and know just how blessed we are.  Saturday started with the annual Church egg hunt on the future property right down the road from us.  Beautiful morning with the kiddos and I could not ask for me.  Just when I thought they were too old for that they surprise me.



We tackled some of the yard work, oldest went to hang with a friend while the twin's and I colored eggs (still love all our holiday traditions).  Everyone was content.  


This year the Easter Bunny went at things a little different as the twin's are older (THEY KNOW NOW!  ugh).  Instead of wasting money on candy and things they do not need I downsized to the Dollar Store for some fillers and they each got a gift certificate to Target to get what they would like.  Tyler got his Varsity Jacket which he has been working hard to earn but we have yet to get the details on it.  


Sunday we started out at Church and breakfast there with friends which I always enjoy.  


Then I raced home for some down time.  Yep………solid down time (minus 10 loads of laundry of course) but time in my studio.  I was not working I was painting……..for me.  For the quiet.  For the peace and for the fun of it.  It is such a high for me.  


As new traditions are started, this year unlike others we had no friends or family here for spring break so instead of going out to buy everything for a big dinner and handling that myself I decided to take the kiddos out for nice dinner.  Just the four of us and it was great.  I enjoyed each of their company and loved talking about them as babies and things from when I was in school.  Life gets busy and I sure value when we take that down time.    


When you stop and realize just how blessed you are and are grateful in the moment it makes it all worth it.  Loving my family and friends and knowing what is important this Holiday weekend.

"To witness miracles unfold in your daily life, count your blessings and be thankful for what you DO have.  Lots of people aren’t so lucky. "