One of my favorite things as an Artist is working with DecoArt  and the many adventures this has brought for me.  The word Artist is not so easy to roll off the tongue.  From this place of Art and being an Artist I have been able to experience some amazing things.

One such thing is going to CHA to see fellow Artists I admire and respect.  This CHA I I enjoyed the time I spent at DecoArt’s booth seeing their newest products and meeting…Andy Skinner!  I have known about DecoArt’s new Media line coming out for a long time and have been wanting to burst.  Seeing them in action makes me even more excited.



Another cool thing is having my art featured in their current catalog which you can see HERE:





All my fellow Artists I work with along with the people at DecoArt are great.  I also want to say a special thank you to Susie who I had the pleasure of meeting at CHA.  We had a wonderful conversation and it left me feeling movitvated and inspired to keep doing and sharing what I love.  The word Embrace kept coming up in our conversation.



She also gave me some vintage sheet music to tear up and use in my art which I am so thankful for!  Look for that in future Mixed Media shows.



So in 2013 I “Let it Go”……….and for 2014 I will “Embrace” me, the Artist and all this wonderful world of Art has brought in my life.  So Susie I dedicate this piece to you…


today it just felt great to play and Embrace that Artist…



Oh another perk………awesome products to work with!!  That never gets old and grateful every day for every color of the rainbow to color my world!



So with that said……..I embrace this side of me that keeps me heading in a most awesome direction.  Who knows where that is but I know it is one full of amazing colors and people.  I will be sharing more of my CHA adventures soon!


“Among the things that you can give and still keep are your word, a smile and a grateful heart.”