Truth be told….prior to this year I hated the beach.  I was not a big fan of the sand between the toes, t348360_footprints_y hat salty sticky feeling that you get after swimming and the movie Jaws did not help one bit.  That has all changed.  Now it is hard to keep me out of the water and that sand does wash off.  Today was another wonderful day at the beach.  The waves were high and actually kind of rough but with some swimming you break free of it all.  Victoria and I swam past the breaking waves and it was so relaxing.   I love diving under the waves and feeling that power and enjoy knowing that sea life is abundant around me.  In fact, we did come in today because the dolphins were pretty close.  I like sea life but don’t want to be guessing whose fins are whose.  But just knowing we are swimming among the dolphins is magical. 

This new wave of enthusiasm for the ocean is also my view on life.  Sometimes it is sticky and dirty but it washes off and the fear of the unknown is all around.  Why let that hold you back?  I am learning to put myself out there and put my trust in taking that chance.  The fear of failure or the unknown no longer holds me back.  And in the process I am learning about all the things around me and taking advantage of so many wonderful opportunities.

I see the kids in the ocean and love that they have this adoration for nature and life. I hope and prey they keep that zest for life near and dear.  And may they always feel the salt of the ocean on their skin and the sand between their toes.