Wow, I have heard so many say that summer just went by so fast and I could not agree more.  It is officially over.  Tomorrow I will be the mom of (2) 2nd Graders and a Middle School-er!  Oh help me but more about that later.

So in honor of this summer post I want to share our last day at the beach (well not mine as soon I go on my annual kayak trip and hope to sneak off to the beach with some moms ASAP) but for now I leave you with images of the kids enjoying the Pacific Ocean….

Beach_2009 copy 
So where does that leave me……well you know doing the typical "Going Back to School Dance".  It is a tradition us moms have held for a long time.  I am still catching up on the vast photos from this summer and will make time to spark my creativity but for now I just bask in what was Summer 2009