or is that beginning my day on a high note (since it is 12:34 am).  Well, nonetheless after a rough day, I am happy to say I finished the wedding album I was hired to do.  After one week straight of working on it I got it done early.  That makes me happy.  With some inspiration from my friend Janine I was able to make it a productive night.  I will deliver it on Monday.

Well, backtracking to my day.  It started with a spinning class which I absolutely loved.  The teacher (my friend) is so great.  Those last few lbs will be spinned off.  I then headed home and cleaned the house with the kids which they completely made unbearable.  By 1 pm I was setting out to get things done.  I ended up at a mall on a Saturday and hated every second of it.  Parking was a nightmare and people were in rare rude form.  I cannot understand why people park their carts in the middle of the isle while waiting for that small sample at Costco.  I literally wanted to buy that $10 box of burgers for one lady while she waited for them to be done blocking the entire isle.  OK I am digressing…..My last trip was to get that Halloween costume for Tyler which involved another 30 minutes in a crowded parking lot.  Then to wait in line three times to get the correct sized costume.  When I left I noticed someone pulling in next to me to park and he was awfully close.  Sure enough the sound of denting metal sounded out and I almost came unglued.  He backed up and had a good 10" dent in the side of his mini van with the evidence of my bumper having been there.  Thankfully there does not appear to be damage to my car but I neglected to get his info and he was gone.  After talking to Pete I decided I should try to get this guy’s info which took another 30 minutes in this parking lot.  Needless to say he was long gone.  He deserves that big dent and that goes to show men drivers are just as bad as women.  Being positive I decided to blast the music on my way home to pick me up. 

I ended this day by finishing that wedding album and I am pleased Dsc_8840 with my work.  So big deep breath for me and I am back to my positive self.  And my house smells of fresh baked apples pies.  YUMMY!  Pete made five pies from the apples we picked.  Boy, I love that smell.  Apple pie smell completely reminds me of fall.  I guess those last few lbs will have to wait.  Craving more pie already!