Never did I imagine when I picked my Word for 2013…Breathe how fitting it would be.  It seems like such a simple thing to do but for me it is not.  I share this word on common with a couple of friends and got to speaking to one of them about it.  For me it just about enjoying the journey.  Not fretting about the past…and not trying to control the future.  Just enjoy the here and the now, all the blessings I have in my life as we speak.  Taking each day as it comes and making them the most I can.  That includes with the kids, my friends, work, etc.  I really am taking stock in what I have and what each week brings. 

Last week there were things that made me smile…..walked and talked for over 10 miles with my dear friend (and laughed)…..


went to one of my favorite places in San Diego….with a 30% off coupon! (and one low cut top!  excuse that! LOL)


and ate mushroom risotto that made me very happy and washed that down with dessert at my favorite bakery in Little Italy…


Enjoyed a mimosa and eggs benedict breakfast with my friend Kelly…..


Saturday morning Skype chat with my brother & favorite niece & nephew…


fresh flowers that make me smile..


spent all day Saturday in my studio painting…..thanks Tina for the home-delivery of the Girl Scout cookies!


Fretted over a very bad Furball who ate one whole box of said Girl Scout cookies and is lucky to be around so I could get mad at her!


 and number 1…………was a mom to thise kids I sink my heart and soul into every day.  Sorry no pics of me in that function but you get the picture…..


It was a busy week.  One you get to the end and am thankful for all you accomplished and for what is yet to do.  But it is the weekend full of little surprises and even some dancing.  That is my week in pictures.

it is is about Enjoying the Journey………..BREATHE. 


"Do not wish your moments away.  Do not ruin today by focusing on another time and place.  There is only now; realize how rich you are in it…being present in the moment, and brave, and thankful for all the opportunities you have.  Make your time count.  Right now you are creating history – your legacy.  Don’t let it slip by without being aware of it.  Life works in a strange way:  You want something and you work and wait and work and wait, and feel like it’s taking forever to come.  Then it happens and it’s over and all you want to do is relive all the great memories you made along the way.  Happiness is the journey.  Open your eyes.  Don’t miss it."