This week has me preparing for CHA……..the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Trade Show.  I am excited to be going with a Viewtainer next week!…


Excited to see many of my friends and hang out with my fellow artist buddies!  Make sure to come by Booth #1908 or call me!

ALSO this week…….this was spotted on the magazine rack early!  (I have scoured our local bookstores and have not found it yet!)….


This is the issue I am in along with so many of my fellow artists!  Excited to share it with so many amazing people (how did they pick me!)  Thank you Editor Megan Hoeppner and Jennafer Martin! 



For those close to me, many know just how much this means out of all the publications I have been honored to be in.  I am anxiously awaiting January 8th!  You can dowload it digitally HERE but I am waiting for the real deal!  And that my friends is one big check mark off the Life List! 



Last but not least……….MIXED MEDIA MONDAY'S Return this coming Monday, January 7th!.  If you missed the January Calendar of Events Here it is!


Looking forward to an awesome weekend!  Creatively Yours……..


"A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing  after the dreams of others."