Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking three kids with me to get my hair done.  Yes, due to unforeseen circumstances they had to go with me.  Now there are a few places I do not want to take the kids:  grocery shopping, toys stores at Christmas, gynecology appointments and now the hair salon.  There were six eyes on me while the stylist was putting foil in my hair and three mouths making the gagging noise when my eyebrows were waxed.  This led to questions about why I was waxing my eyebrows (hello, have you seen JoJo he has a uni-brow and he inherited that from moi!).  I usually find that time so relaxing however this time when my stylist was giving me that totally relaxing scrub down in the bowl I had Joey standing over me asking me a million questions.  Actually, they were good and many ladies commented on their good behavior.  Little did they know that I had threatened then with their lives. 

After that adventure (which I hope never to repeat) the kids talked me into going to a local casino that has this big buffet.P7100007  I figured it would be fun and that I could control myself and not eat everything in sight (yeah right!). I purposely avoided the dessert section and only ate a salad and some meat.  Then those pesky kids needed help getting a dessert and boom it was like there was light shinning down from heaven on these desserts and angels started signing.  All my favorites:  chocolate eclairs, German chocolate cake, cherry pie, chocolate covered strawberries (which I could justify since they are 90% fruit), ice cream Sundays.  Oh Lord, help me resist.  Hey, I can go to the gym tomorrow and I only ate a little salad (which was much smaller in my mind).  So there we are, three kids and me in a casino among 3000 senior citizens in wheelchairs, hooked up to oxygen tanks and dentures on their tables enjoying the most delicious desserts.  I so have to go to the gym today!  I did pull out my camera and took a photo before someone informed me you cannot photograph in the casino buffet.  What kind of rule is that?  The kids and I had fun eating unlimited desserts and then waddled out feeling sick. 

As we walked out Tyler said "Mom, why is everyone old in there?"  I had to think about that one "Well, there are lots of bright lights to stimulate your mind and lots of soft desserts to dig your dentures in.  It is kind of like heaven".  That suited him.  Please don’t let me be steering my oxygen tank through a casino when I am 90!

Home we go to put kids to sleep and one more project done for Best Creation:

Toby Keith tonight!
  I decided that if he plays this song my life will be complete: