I am excited to announce my class for The Collins Group Trade Show for FabScraps this month!  I locked myself in my Studio Monday and here is my class:



Lots of fun pages fill this baby and all are embellished with some FabScraps goodness!



I am excited to be travling to Houston to teach at this event:



For you local peeps…I am happy to announce that my local store Stamping Details has asked me to teach this class as they are getting this full line in too so stay tuned for details!  It is going to be a great one!

Look out Texas here I come!  My one goal for the weekend other then to teach a great class and rock it for FabScraps….a picture of me with a large cowboy in a 10 gallon hat and a hubcap belt buckle!  Yee Haw!


"You know now that the first person to check in with, always, is your deepest, truest self, and she has never let you down.  She knows when to say, “Yes please” and when to say “Heck no!”, when to lean in and when to let go.  She knows when to strike hard, when to back off, and when to slow down and breathe.  In every instant, she knows exactly what you need and exactly what to do.  And you’ve learned to trust her."