Ok, not my face but my blog face.  Thanks to collaborative efforts with Alisha my site got a new look and banner.  I still have to fine tune things but am loving the new look.  Thanks Alisha!  You are a true gem!  Fsideabookwriteupforblogs_1

I also have exciting CHA release news.  Fiber Scraps will have their much awaited Idea book (well the prototype) ready for a sneak peak at CHA.  I am very excited for this becaues I am one of their featured design team artists and this has been a labor of love for Patricia and Tom.  They gave us a sneak peak of the cover.  They better be waiting for me to rush over to see it! 

I should be working on my new last minute FiberMark Deadline but of course I am playing on the computer.  These few days before I leave for CHA have been busy.  Friday is Spa Day and I am really looking forward to sitting down and not thinking about things for a few hours.  I will need to find a way to empty my mind (like that should be hard).  Ok, off to be creative…I may need some chocolate for this!