Happy Wednesday!  Thank you for joining in on the creative fun!  Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST on Facebook at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Here is what I painted tonight which was inspired by my 1.5 mile walk at lunch…

Today I hit the pavement for a 1.5 mile walk at lunch.  Spring is around the corner and new life is springing up to I took time to stop and take photos….

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You can catch the replay here on YouTube….

So here is my question for you…..are you stopping to take a moment to pause and smell the roses?  Now it may not quite be spring where you are but are you taking that time to pause and see the inspiration that abounds around you.  You cannot recreate what God and Mother Nature create but boy can you have fun trying!

Thanks for another fun night sharing what I love so much! Have a great rest of your week!