When you grow up in the Midwest and move out West one thing you miss is the fall colors (the other thing you miss is your family and friends!).  When I lived in Michigan and went to Michigan State my favorite place to walk (while strumming along to my Walkman listening to 80's hits) was along the Red Cedar River in Fall.  Now keep in mind sometimes that time of year could be brief and the cold of Michigan would hit.  That that same scenery would not be as great as I was freezing my giblets off.  But in the Fall there was nothing prettier than the fall leaves and the sound of the river. 

Now a transplant in Southern California there is no where the same effect.  Palm trees don't change colors nor do they lose their fronds.  I know again, you are all feeling sorry for me.  So in Fall we have to travel to find the fall foliage.  In this case Julian, California provides the perfect place this time of year…….


Now I know what you are thinking by me breaking the law to capture these images……..that girl has turned into a rebel once she moved to California.  I can assure you I may be a rebel but I am not a tree hugger yet (despite what my dad thinks).  A girl has to do what a girl has to do.