I am demanding that Fall be here!  Sunday was the first day it felt like Fall in Southern California.  I took the kids up to Julian which is about 4000 feet above sea level in our local mountains.  I could actually see signs of fall with the changing of the leaves.  Of course, before we left I had vim and vigor in my attitude and was trying to sell this to the troops.  It is pretty scary when you have to tell your teenage son that "This will be fun!" as you truly cannot guarantee that.  You can easily fool two 7-year olds.  Thankfully they heeded my warning to grab jackets as it was 52 degrees up there. 

We took in an old fashioned candy store where the kids found candy cigarettes and those candy dots on the paper where you end up eating half the paper.   

Julian1 copy 

We had a great breakfast and then walked the streets of Julian window shopping and drinking hot apple cider.

It did warm my heart when Ty said "Mom, this actually was a fun day.  I did not trust you and thought I would hate it but it was fun".  Coming from a teenager who answers in one syllable words and grunts this made me feel great.  He is still present in that body and for that moment I still have him.

I then pushed the envelope and we went apple picking.  Although the apple picking was disappointing (apples small and hard to get to) it gave me what I wanted………pictures. 

Julian2 copy 

I have decided that keeping those Sunday's as family time is the best for all of us.  And every now and again Mom comes up with a good idea.  The best idea I had all day was to bring those jackets.  It sure was cold but I sure was happy to have boot-weather here.  I am not sure it will last but Fall is in the Air.