I am honored each and every time someone trusts me behind my camera to capture their personalities on film. I am even more honored when a friend hires me.  This self-proclaimed disfunctional family was fun, loving, and special to shoot.  I felt like they let me in for that hour to photograph who each of them are.  There was lots of laughing and to be honest the outtakes were more fun than ever to shoot.  

There was one moment where I saw mom close her eyes and she took a deep breath.  I knew in that moment she was taking it all in and had those around her who she loves.  That was what I wanted to capture. 
_TWB4406 Thank you Mom for the reminder to just stop and enjoy.
_TWB4412 I loved watching them laugh as they all leaned over in the same exact manner

I would like to thank you all for letting me share that time with you………….
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