Today we went on a field trip with the twin’s T-Ball team.  I arranged for our team to go to the Lake Elsinore Storm Minor League baseball game.  The team, coaches, and team mom got to go on the field and get autographs from the players and the kids were introduced and ran out on the field with the players.  It was really fun however it was HOT!  Did I mention it was HOT?  Not just hot but HOT!  I know most westerners will say "but it is dry heat" but it was HOT!  Our seats were directly in the sun so you could not even sit on the seat without sunburning your rear. The kids (and me!) were miserable.  Joey does not handle heat well so between juggling him, the meal tickets for the team, Micky, Tyler, and the heat, I was done in!  It was well over 100 degrees.  We finally moved the team over to the grass area and found a covered area. 
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Believe it or not we still had fun.  Pete got to watch some of the game while the kids ran wild in the grass.  I grabbed a nap on the picnic table so that made me happy.  This Michigan girl hates to be hot…give me the cold any day!

Did I mention that a furry green mascot was flirting with me?  You know you are old when the only thing that offers to take of his shirt is a man in a fuzzy suit running around like a maniac…..LOL
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