I have been so darn busy and being the CEO of your own Studio is my love but realize I am always going.  I love taking little breaks and looking around the Studio to find things that make me smile and take me away.  So to have some of my favorite things around me is so important and I wanted to share some of those things…

Any break I have I take a moment to play in my travel art journal.  I do my creative exercises in this so I don’t lose my mojo….


I love it when I find a cute shop with unique things and a few weeks ago at Seaport Village in San Diego I found such a shop where I picked up these cute note pads.  They are almost too cute to write on…I plan on using those for note that I with orders and to special peeps!


I love my Studio to smell good.   I got a new favorite candle that I have next to my favorite inspirational calendar from Andy……the calendar in itself is inspirational!!

Speaking of inspiration and lovely scents……..nothing beats the real deal ♥


Last but not least I am blessed to gets some amazing sentiments like cards and gifts in the mail.  I believe the people at the post office think I am a little emotional when I find a secret surprise in my PO Box. I love so much about this piece and there are so many details.  Deb knows how much I love those 50’s style dresses and the quotes.  But on the sides she wrote special messagess and she gave me the template she made!   A very special thank you to Deborah Epps for sharing you and your art with me! ♥



Those are the things that on a daily basis keep me doing what I am doing along with the special quotes and emails I am getting:

Tracy, you talked about the influence that you have been told that you have. I can’t remember how I found you or when it was, but you have helped me move to the next level of my life. Perhaps it was the silly flowers and hearts in bright colors, or the way you showed that there are no mistakes…but I began to open my heart and mind to art that I didn’t know I had. As I shared with you before, I have had a struggling last 6 years with lots of grief and Breast Cancer. I didn’t think I would ever get strong again, and then I started painting with you. The release of all kinds of “stuff” in my mind has allowed me to begin to purge the excess out of my life and space. Thank you for being real…showing us who you are…and that you too live life. May your brushes be ever moving and your colors reflect your heart.” ~Bonnie S.


I came across Tracy’s video last summer. She inspired me to pick up my journal, pens and markers. Coming from the world of decorative painting I enjoy the freedom and creativeness of mixed media. I enjoy watching Tracy create another work of art every Monday.” ~ Carol M.


I stumbled across Tracy while searching on you tube for mixed media videos and so glad I did….great group of people and I love watching Tracy’s videos!” ~ Lisa Q.

That makes me smile and inspires me right back.  The support and positive feedback from this week as been amazing.  I thank everyone for the emails and comments.  Now back to doing what I love….painting and creating things to inspire!

Hard work becomes easy when your work becomes your play.  Never underestimate the value of loving what you do.  When we lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there, too.”