Andy prompted us on the MMM Facebook Group (join our group!):

Hello to my artsy friends! 🙂 We’re going camping for a few days but I wanted to leave with you an art prompt in case any of you are struggling with “creative block”! Create a page about your favorite art tools. Draw them, write about them, paste pictures of them, use them……Just somehow incorporate your favorite tools on your page! I plan to do this while relaxing in the woods and I’ll share when I can! I hope you all have a great week and I will miss you! ♥ If I venture to where I have wifi…..I’ll stop in to say hi! 🙂

I love a good challenge and this was a chance to pull out some of my favorite DecoArt Products and get to work in my idea journal.  I love this size for ideas and this will be a future class that I teach so even better.



A couple of things that I loved about this page was incorporating my favorite colors, finding a brand black paint pen that WORKS and I love it (will be adding to store soon) AND loving my new palette paper which I have also ordered.  That makes clean up so easy.



Feels good to be painting and feeling inspired by my favorite things.  Thanks Andy for the prompt to create!  I am ready for the next one!

Put your hand on your heart.  Feel that?  That’s called ‘a purpose.  You’re here today for a reason.  Don’t give up and don’t give in.