Today we saw more progress in the paint department.  I am getting excited about the kitchen and hope to see it painted tomorrow.  I am thinking this will be our hardest week or at least that is what I am hoping.  Sunday night is the dreaded pack up of Scrappyland for Monday painting.  I am anxious to see the custom color I had made. 

We have gotten many nice invitations for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am so thankful for our friends and at time like these they really step up.  We are considering staying home and ordering the $39.99 prepared dinner from the grocery store.  For someone like me (who does not like to cook) Dsc_0081_1 this is a dream come true.  From the turkey right down to the apple OR pumpkin pie you get it all.  I know it probably does not compare to home cooking but think of the mess we will avoid.  We are thinking about doing this and staying home so we can unpack the kitchen and put my office back together.  Truthfully I could use a day home where we don’t have painters or carpenters under foot.  I will be ever so thankful if I can start to unpack. 

After my spinning class (over 600 calories burned thanks to Victoria!) I raced over to preschool for the preschool feast.  The Dsc_0112 twin’s preschool teacher has the kids prepare an entire feast including a chicken.  They even churn their own butter.  I just love her!  (and that is not just because she reads this!)

Two more days and the kids are all off for Thanksgiving break.  I could use some time off.  Next week I am putting together a "non-party" birthday for the twins.  Simple is the name of the game.  I have made it a point to make lists every day and stay on task to get items done.  Today I actually ordered our Christmas cards!  Could those possibly go out right after Thanksgiving?……….watch those mailboxes! 

oh yeah…….my longtime friend from Michigan called today to give me the up-date on their baby Jadin.  He is doing great and I am so happy to hear that!  She is sending me a CD of pictures (she better have sent that to me today or else) and she asked me to do some pages for his scrapbook.  Well of course I WILL!  I cannot wait to get those pictures to play with.  I wish I was there to photograph him.  I will just keep begging until they bring him here.  Speaking of….I booked another family today for family photos.  Word of mouth seems to be working!  Well, this addition of "As the Remodel Turns" is coming to a close..

Anyone know what happened 25 years ago tomorrow?  Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital!  I remember watching that with Brenda when we were ahem….11 years old.  Wish I could say  I was younger and wish I could say I don’t watch a soap opera.  I bet many are reading and rolling their eyes.   Ok, so I love mindless TV!  Cut me some slack!