Yesterday after a large family gathering the kids ended up spending the night with family members so there I was on a Saturday night with no kiddos.  Heck, this 38 year old mom was looking forward to a quiet night but this rare opportunity came up to take my 21 year old cousin out for a drink.  We went to a martini bar together in town and then headed down the street to watch the Olympics at a local pub.  I was amazed when they asked for my ID at the door (OK, so maybe they asked for everyone’s ID but I felt special). 

I just love Chrissy…….we are the two sole girls in the family and I am her Godmother.  We got a kick out of the fact my grandma cannot separate the two of us.  She thinks that Christine is me so we get a good laugh out of that. 

Other than being carded……the other favorite part of the night was someone asking if she was my sister!   I will take that.  We had a great time together.  Chris, thank you for a great time.  I love you and our time together!

Tomorrow we pack it up and head back West………we are all already feeling sad from missing everyone.  We had such a special vacation that will stay with us forever.  It was exactly the vacation I wanted to give the kids. Summertime in Michigan is so special.