We are playing with watercolor paint and creating some beautiful poppies today! This is a great watercolor project for beginners because you only need a handful of supplies (just 4!) and anyone can make this. Let go, don’t overthink it, and you will love painting this floral art piece with me!

poppies watercolor art piece

Let’s start by prepping our paper. First, I’m taping off the edges of my art journal with painter’s tape. Then, I’m spraying my paper and watercolor paints with water. 

Next, I’ll just add lots of color to my paper. I’m aiming to create flowers, so some yellow and black centers and some color around them for the petals. I’m also adding a green background. I’m really just letting the watercolor do their thing! Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

painting watercolor flowers

Take an ultra-fine permanent marker to add your detail lines. I’m going to draw on my flower petals, leaves, and some texture lines. These are really just scribbles! Don’t overthink it. 

I’m also going to pull my watercolors back out and add some darker green paint to my background area. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

adding detail lines to watercolor flowers

Grab a stamp ink pad and a stencil brush and add some ink to your art piece. I’m going to add some to my flower centers and around my petals as well. I’m also taking some black acrylic paint and adding some more color to my flowers too. 

Finally, I’ll add some paint splatter to my paper. Grab a fan brush and your black acrylic paint mixed with water, and just tap that against another brush right above your paper. I’m just splattering on my flowers. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

Remove your painter’s tape and enjoy your beautiful original artwork!

watercolor flowers in an art journal

Watch the replay below!


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