Today I pose the question…”What Fills up your Glass?”  I posted a photo on Facebook (cranberry Sprite and Vodka) which sparked much converation.  No matter what you choose to put in your glass (literally and figurtively) what fills you up?  As women, moms, caretakers sometimes it is so easy to lose sight of those things that fill your tank.  I received a great deck of cards from my friend Mary Kay McDonnell that are so cute “52 Ways to Pamper Yourself”.


For me the things that bring a smile to my face are so simple…a cute pair of boots to indulge me, sand between my toes at the beach, belly laughs with my girlfriends, dark chocolate covered coconut (darn you Costco!), a hot cup of tea, a nice cold beer at the end of the day, a pretty cosmo with a spiral lemon peel, watching my kids at their various sports/activities, a nice hot bath, flowers, candles burning, and painting.

So this morning I woke up and did just that…….painted in my LET IT GO JOURNAL.  Something fast to fill my creative soul and just release.  I put the holiday projects aside, the Etsy orders to ship and here it is….


A few of my favorite things this morning as I create away with my tea….



Back to cleaning my Studio, finishing projects, working, mail, kids, and preparing for my parents.  It felt good to good to carve that creative space.  So remember to fill up your glass.  You will have so much more to give to those around you.