Well, he did it again!  Tyler decided to use his mouth instead of his glove to catch a baseball.  I was hanging out during practice with the moms and someone said "Hey, Tyler just got hit in the nose with the ball"…….visions of last year (Ouch) leaped into my mind and practically jumped over the fence  and sprinted to get to him.  Thankfully, this time it was not his nose but his mouth.  And even more thankful is there are no loose teeth and those teeth are so crooked a ball hitting it did not cause much difference.  I escorted him off the field and brought him home where I inspected the damage.  It was a pretty fierce cut with swelling but the Popsicles I bought him on the way home seemed to cheer him up.
I have to love his sense of humor.  I said to him as we were driving home "Hey Ty, maybe baseball is not your sport.  Why don’t we try something like Chess Club?"  LOL………his response "Yeah Mom, with my luck I will beat someone and they will stand up and throw a rook at me breaking my nose".  My son and his sense of humor.  I wonder where he gets that from.  Unfortunatly, he is probably right. 

Tomorrow he returns to the baseball field.  God help him and his Mother!  Needless to say I am happy we are down to the last week of baseball.