I have put a real focus on having more balance in my life.  I am the worse person at balance. I have a hard time relaxing and my mind races thinking of what else I could/should be doing something.  When the kids ask me to watch a movie I start folding laundry. When I sit outside by the pool I start picking things up.  I struggle to settle my mind to stop racing and moving on to the next thing, the next idea, the dishes in the sink.  Even in the shower my mind is racing about what I have to do, marketing ideas, etc.  I have hated that about myself.  Many a friend has come over to visit and I have reorganized a desk drawer right in front of them and never even noticed.  I now kind of own it and am making a conscious effort to shut down, go outside, take a book, enjoy a glass a wine.  Sometimes it takes a mindless TV show or a hike up the mountain.  It sounds so strange to some that someone could have this issue but I kind of own it now. Or like last night it was raining and the most perfect full rainbow came out. I sat outside with a glass of wine and just relaxed. 

Only I can make that change and find the things I enjoy that make me pause, enjoy life and those around me, especially the kids.  So lately I have picked back up something I just love and that is reading.  Every surface of my room has books…(and trust me, that disorganization drives me nuts LOL)….

I also am really enjoying the creative process with my art which has always been a place I could settle myself.  And any time with the kids I discard any thoughts of laundry (ok, who are we kidding, I still think of it but don't act on it). 

And in honor of that work toward balance and living in every moment I created this page in my Daily Inspiration journal


  • Adhesives: Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste & Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Acrylic Paint – DecoArt & Golden
  • Ink: Daler Rowney
  • Stamp Ink: Marvy
  • Flowers – Maya Road
  • Stamps – Maya Road
  • Template- The Crafter's Workshop

What speaks to you, slows you down, and brings you balance in your life?  Where is your rainbow?  For me, mindless TV, a good book, the kids, friends and art are just a few. And owning that having a mind that never stops has its great benefits but it also has it down sides.  So I may have the most organized drawers, I also have amazing friends who wish I would do the same thing in their houses. 

Enjoy life………..it is the only one we have.


 "Love yourself. Give yourself time to be with the people, places, and things you love most" ~Donna Karan