Have you ever lost sight of something and let other "things" get in the way?  Has the need for perfection or being self-critical got in the way of what you love to do?  That has happened to me and it took a big brick hitting me over the head to realize just that.  I love photography.  I love to take photos, have the photos tell the story of what is going on and long ago I hated those "cheese" posed photos and knew that the perfection was not in the pose.  But then I started learning more about taking the "perfect photo".  I learned about light, aperature, shutter, post processing, tough-up, f-stop, etc. and I stopped looking at my photos for what they meant.  I looked at the light, the angle, the slight blur, the catch lights in eyes, and it sucked the life and creativity right out of me. 

I reluctantly would carry my camera around because I felt this uneasiness about anyone seeing my flaws in my photos. I traveled to a different country, traveled the states and the photos remain untouched in my computer.  I let my very own motto of "let me tell your story" go right out the door and along with that was my creative spirit. 

So I sit here looking back at photos from 2010 (over 2000 that I have not looked at and wondered why oh why did I let that happen.  And do I still have that passion in me that is an outlet for me and lets me share just who I am. 

So I know that passion and creativity still live within me and I am determined to find it again and share it.  If you see less than perfect photos………they capture so much more.  They capture what I was feeling taking that photo.  The capture just a moment that meant something to me no matter how small. 

To all my fellow photog friends who I share this passion and many of you have turned your passion into your business my hat is off to you but I hope you never let "the business" suck the creative spark we all are so fortunate to have within us.  This is just a reminder that sometimes the imperfect photo is the story that is meant to be told………

I leave this post today with this imperfect shot of my son from yesterady that I love.  I will not give you the laundry list of what I don't like about the shot (but I do love the cupcake caked on his teeth) but I will tell you how happy I was I dragged that camera along and even handed it off to have this shot…….

Today I sit down to look through photos from the past year and "tell my story" with my imperfect photos.  Thank you Mark for tossing "the brick".  Sometimes that is all we need.  I dedicate this to you and to all my fellow creative souls out there letting the small stuff get in the way of any passion you have.


"Sometimes you've got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything…whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it.  Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out." ~ Tina Turner