I am finally sharing my art journal! I shared the journal itself before and it was even featured on Scrapbooking.com. but truthfully I had no plan for the pages inside. 

After watching many mixed media artists doing art journals such as Donna Downey I figured it was a good place to play and just "Do Something Creative Every Day" which is my motto after all.  It is on my wall….

and I reapeat it to myself but since the craft industry has become my career, my passion has taken a back seat.  But the truth of the matter is I can pick up my paints, my Helmar glue and let the creativity come out of me. Many times life gets busy, there are ups and downs so I realize that my journal pages will represent how I am feeling that day. It will not be perfect (which defies my OCD), it will not be a work of art that will hang in the Louvre, but it will be me. 

I will try new techniques (some I will repeat and some are ditched midway through he process).  I will let myself go and enjoy the process because it is for me.  While I will busy myself other days with teacher gifts, a project for the Helmar blog, or a guest appearance for other companies, the journal will be my safe place to create. 

I took the art journal with me to CHA hesitating to share this part of me.  I used it to represent all the different adhesives and art mediums Helmar carries.  The response was great and people were even taking pictures of my pages!  So it warmed my heart and I figured it it is time to out my work and share page by page.  Here are the first four pages………..

 TWB_6785a TWB_6787a
TWB_6788a TWB_6789a 

So another belief of mine is to be grateful every day of my life.  Sometimes that may just be for my feet hitting the ground or just simply breathing.  Sometimes it is a tangible item, an accomplishment…..always my kids (except we all know there are days as moms where even that is hard to say out loud).  So I decided to partner my art journal with a gratitude album.  First I need to alter this baby but I am inviting you fellow crafty/artsy people to join me.  It is just a place every day (or so) to write what you are grateful for.  I could be just a notebook where you write it down.  Mine is going to be in this watercolor journal:


So just giving heads up that I would love to have as many who want to join.  I am going to put this out on Helmar's Blog and maybe even has some LIVE UStream Helmar classes??  Time to put it out there and hope you guys will join me!

Do Something Creative Every Day………..


 I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow. ~ Julia Cameron