Sunday after a very busy weekend I took some time to just sit outside…..enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset from my backyard….



and I took this self portrait…



not the best picture but a true in-the-moment photo.  

Sunday I did something I have not done in a long time.  I photographed a wedding.  I was nervous and this job required I command attention, authority while being nice to get the the smiles of so many.  Fun wedding party for sure!  I was in that moment realizing that the bride (a friend) not only entrusted me on her special day but talked me into it.  I was not only there to capture the moments but to assemble the people to be where they needed to be.  I was nervous………I prepared by doing what is necessary (recharing batteries, making sure I had lenses, tri-pod, etc.) but on the way I needed to find that spirit.  Once I go there I did what I needed to do.  I was direct, nice and funny and despite the bumps and obstacles made good with all who were there (did I mention the groomsmen lol).  I connnected….

When I had a moment to sit down and eat a friend captured this photo from another table and sent it to me saying "You're so cute!!".  I truly appreciated her for capturing this photo.  Not the best photo of me but an in-the-moment photo of me.




In that day I gathered & joked with fun-loving groomsmen (and trust me they were all about the fun), calmed a beaming and beautiful bride, laughed with a nervous yet confident husband-to-be…. 


went over time schedules with the DJ, talked to tons of teachers that my kids have all had and was proud of the stories they told me, went on high balconies to capture an entire party…



and in the meantime, I found my spirit.  It is there…….doing what I love. Being part of someone's most special day.  Sitting here able to write about it and praying that my photos reflect the day they took so long to plan….


Now the work begins on editting and putting together the story of this day with my photos.  I pray I captured their in-the-moment photos.  

and on this fine day……..I found my spirit.  She can be the bossy photographer, fun-loving friend, leader of meandering groomsmen and even a bouquet toss participant…..(for your information I was not the catcher despite my pre-toss stretching)


But I sure was in-the-moment…….What are your in-the-moment times?


"We all have a story to tell whether we publish it or keep it
for just ourselves or family; allow yourself to be heard."