Let the days of summer begin…..Opening Day of baseball was today for JoJo and Tyler.  It was a long day with two baseball games and one basketball game.  JoJo was up at the crack of dawn to put on his new uniform.  It was so early that dad was able to help him get dressed before he left for work.  We were off to that game at 7:15 am.  It was an exciting game.  You could tell he just loved every minute of it and so did I.  Our good friend Ken came along and watched him play which made it even more special.   

We then headed home to change into our basketball gear.  Tyler had a game at noon.  Tyler’s team is 7-1 and this was another important game.  Tyler played the first three quarters and had some great steals, a few assists, and a basket.  We had to leave after quarter three to speed over to his baseball game that started at 1 pm.  It was another rush to get gear on while we sped over to make the game.  We later found out they won!  Keep it up SHOOTERS!

Baseball was another exiting game…Tyler went 1for 2.  He enjoys playing locally now because he was playing against one of his best friends (who made an awesome catch in left field…WAY TO GO NICK!).  I got so many great pictures and as the team mom of two teams I was just happy to get this day over.  The banners were hung up, the team baskets delivered, uniforms on, and snacks given out.  All-in-all it was a great day.  Did I mention the best part of my day was the hot bath I finally fit in at 4 pm along with a little snooze.  I am looking forward to Pete being able to go next Saturday.  I know he will love it just as much as I do.  I know that JoJo has already asked when his next game is.