We packed in a lot of fun all in one day.  Having California kids they are experiencing lots of new things on this trip:

  1. bug spray (can you believe they have never had on bug spray?) Micky wondered why I was spraying sunscreen on her at night and I had to explain it was bug spray for mosquitoes.
  2. archery
  3. canoing
  4. catching fireflies
  5. swimming in fresh water

Today we went to our friend’s new house right on a river where the kids experienced it all!  Lee and E are such great friends and we absolutely love their kids.  E has been in our lives for a lifetime (my brother’s best friend).  Today they showed us true Michigan fun.  They started out by fishing…….
_twb6406 _twb6408_2

Then it was off in the canoes……….
P7260022 P7260019
P7260013 P7260026

where we got some swimming in………
P7260033 P7260041
P7260040 P7260051

Time to eat and relax (as if we are not relaxing enough)……..
_twb6412_4 _twb6410
_twb6394 P7260072

Then E showed the kids archery.  The kids just loved shooting the bear target. 
_twb6437 _twb6450 _twb6462

Meanwhile Kennedy Belle was my ever agreeable model.  Isn’t she adorable?  I just love her and I love the way she shadows me.
_twb6463 _twb6396
_twb6445 _twb6472

How can we beat all that in one day?  Oh my no wonder I came home and napped.