Ty and his buddy had a golf outing.  Pete was determined to win a golf basket at our annual PTA silent auction.  With a nudge and a budge he got it so Friday Ty took his buddy (Kelly's son) for an afternoon of golf.  Of course this meant Kelly and I had to go and take photos.  We warned the teacher that if she saw two people poking out from the trees with large cameras that we were the boy's paparazzi.  The boys started out on the putting green which happened to located just below the country club lounge.
_TWB2709 _TWB2707 
_TWB2714  Golf Day-0298

Now being Kelly and I we also had to figure out how to squeeze in food and beverage.    How convenient that we could sit up there and eat and relax.  And of course we were so conscientious of our diet so we stuck to strictly fried goods:
_TWB2726 _TWB2728  
Golf Day-0317  _TWB2724

Then the boys moved to the driving range to drive some balls…
_TWB2742 _TWB2747 

Kelly and I moved to the scenery surrounding the golf course
_TWB2784  _TWB2798  
Golf Day-0365  _TWB2808  
_TWB2776 _TWB2812   

Thank you to Kelly for the photos of myself and the great close up of the boys!  Isn't she the best photographer?

The boys had a GREAT time.  T's new love of golf is fun to see.  Kelly and I also had a great time!  Thank you Mrs. M. for your generosity