Here Tracy’s 5 Favorites for the week..join Tracy LIVE every Friday at 8:oo AM PST on her Facebook page for details on her Five favorites!

  1. I love the Sarah Williams’ monthly t-shirt club!  The t-shirts are so cute!  Here is the link:  Here is my latest shirt (and sticker) that arrived for January:
  2. My latests obsession….earrings. I will relive my ear “piercing” story with you but my latest find has been Silver Forest earrings.  (If you buy 5 earrings the 6th pair is free).  They are so darn detailed and pretty.
  3. In an attempt to sleep better in 2022 and reduce screen time my friend recommended this and I love now falling asleep to the Northern Lights/Stars with the Airivo Galaxy Projector . I hook it to Pandora – Relaxation Music.  It has a 1 and 2 hour sleep timer with a remote which is perfect.  I call it my adult night light:
  4. Let’s chat Paint Brushes on Friday. My favorite art Dynasty of course (I am a Dynasty Artisan).  I share my favorites and as always you can get a discount at The Brush Guys using CODE to save 5%:  twstudios
  5. Art products of the week and I am taking a question I got:

What are your Favorite Five Paint Colors/Top paint colors for Mixed Media Makers?


This is a great question and one I am happy to answer as I do have a favorite color palette.  I will give them in two paint lines so it is helpful and sorry I could not limit it to five:
DecoArt Media Acrylics Favorites (Titanium White, Carbon Black, Cobalt Turquoise Hue, Primary Yellow, Green Gold, Primary Magenta, Pyrrole Red, Prussian Blue Hue…I should say Payne’s Grey too!) DecoArt Americana (Snow Titanium White, Lamp Black, Primary Yellow, Desert Turquoise, Joyful Pink, Irish Moss, Primary Red, Payne’s Grey and Prussian Blue Hue if I get another one!)

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Please leave a comment for what favorites you would like to see!  I love to share this with you all!