Here we go with this week’s Friday Favorites which is LIVE every Friday at 8:00 am PST on twstudios Facebook Page

You all asked me my opinion about watercolor markers/pens brushes and here by request are my favorites:

  1. Rongta Thermal Printer
  2. Thermal Printer Labels
  3. Workbench Ring light
  4. Large Floor ring light
  5. Laptop Stand

Replay of our LIVE Friday Favorites:

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One of my most favorites as featured before:  Framed! T-Shirt club Monthly T-Shirt Subscription:  I am getting so many questions about the t-shirts I have been wearing.  One of the most fun things I joined this year is Framed T-Shirt Club by Sarah Williams monthly t-shirt club!  This has been one of my Friday Favorites and I just love getting in new shirts every month.  So far I have loved every one of them and they are so me!  Here is my new one I just got for June….KINDNESS MATTERS!   LINK