Here we go with this week’s Friday Favorites which is LIVE every Friday at 8:00 am PST on twstudios Facebook Page

You all asked me my opinion about watercolor markers/pens brushes and here by request are my favorites:

  1. Sennier 3D Writer
  2. Cutterpiller Paper Cutter
  3. Asics Tennis Shoes
  4. Shoe Charms
  5. and my DAD!  Happy Father’s Day weekend!  Sorry, no Amazon Affiliate link for this guy lol

Replay of our LIVE Friday Favorites:

Tracy’s Amazon Affiliate is here for more favorites and resources: FRIDAY FAVORITES


One of my most favorites as featured before:  Framed! T-Shirt club Monthly T-Shirt Subscription:  I am getting so many questions about the t-shirts I have been wearing.  One of the most fun things I joined this year is Framed T-Shirt Club by Sarah Williams monthly t-shirt club!  This has been one of my Friday Favorites and I just love getting in new shirts every month.  So far I have loved every one of them and they are so me!  Here is my new one I just got for June….KINDNESS MATTERS!   LINK