Last week I did the desk check "A Message from my Desk" and how your desk reflects what is going on in your life.  I decided to keep that up and have a check in with myself and I posted the question on Facebook:

"Name three things that are on your desk right now that make you happy!"

I loved all the answers whether they were from work or home!  I thought I would check in this Friday and say what is on my desk RIGHT NOW:

My morning tea in one of my favorite mugs (I secretly aspire to have a collection of cities of these mugs):

TWB_1416 copy
My three latest cards that I will be teaching locally at Stamping Details on October 21s!

TWB_1418 copy
and my latest little painting along with my favorite paints:

TWB_1421 copy


Next week I hope to be sharing my new iPhone which is on it's way here RIGHT NOW and…….exciting news from my studio which I will be sharing soon (sorry cannot right now) but excited to be part of a photo shoot that has to do with this very desk! 

For now I am grateful for what is on my desk, in my life and am happy about this TGIF and looking forward to the weekend.  I hope to spend time in my studio with those things I love plus I have to do some cleaning of it!  Stay tuned for the next desk check!

Have a great weekend!


"Never make up excuses, because excuses are lies confirming that you are not being true to your heart.  And don’t look for shortcuts in life either, because if you do you are only fooling yourself. simplify your life, work toward your goals, show respect and be true to yourself and others.  There is only one ‘you;’ reinvent the very best of ‘you’ every chance you get."