I hardly know where and how to recap this weekend but Friday started out so great…….Friday night Football!  I love our little country town and seeing it come together on Friday nights is fun.  There is something about fall, the air getting cooler (this Michigan girl loves that!) and being with your friends. 




and I got to meet new friends….ya gotta love this character and his wife 🙂



and I get to see my teenager smiling and having fun (at home aliens have taken over so this sighting is one that makes this momma happy!). Even if this photo did cost me money (I paid $2 but would have paid a ton more!)



Not to mention JV and Varsity won…two great games!!  A great way to spend the evening if I do say so myself. 




Thank you to the Scott's for inviting me, making me feel welcome and even supplying cushy seating now!  I kind of hate to see football season nearing an end but great news is the Varsity made CIF playoffs so no need to put away that warm Ramona sweatshirt and blanket I bought!

AND……..my Lions still are playing.  Thanksgiving Day and this year we watch like old times with family!  I look forward to seeing my Uncle Larry fall asleep on the floor like old times but this time in my living room!

Football…..you never knew how much one game could bring so many together! 


"Everything worthwhile in life is work.  But if it puts a smile on your face, it doesn’t feel like work."