Dsc_0701_2Let me start by saying I had so much fun yesterday I came home at 8:00 PM and went to bed until 9:36 am this morning.  Now that I started backwards I will share our adventures.  Janine picked me up yesterday at 7 am.  We headed downtown to the Convention Center where we met up with Colleen and Shelly and took our Quick Quotes Class at 9:00 am.  The people Quick Quotes are great and they remembered I worked for Helmar.  It was a fast placed class and we made a cute canvas wall hanging.  From there we walked the convention floor.  It was smaller than Dscn0798_2past years with lots of people.  I did not "need" anything but managed to spend some money. 

We breaked for lunch and headed to the Gas Lamp District of San Diego.  Can I just say how beautiful our downtown is?  There are times it takes my breath away.  We ate lunch at Dick’s Last Resort.  If you have not eaten there it is quite an experience.  It was so much fun hanging out with all my girls.  Back for some shopping and we sat down for some small projects. 

Colleen and Shelly left and Janine and I did a bit more looking around.  We headed out and hit a few stores on the way home and decided dinner was in order.  We ate at On the Border Dscn0799and had such a great time.  This was a time for both of us to rejuvenate and enjoy our friendship.  The more I know about her the more I just love her.  We were mistaken for sisters at the show and I had to point out she was my older sister.  Aren’t I nice?   

Home at 8 pm where I literally fell into my bed and fell asleep on top of the covers.  I was exhausted and needed that 12 hours of sleep catch me back up.  Thanks Shelly, Colleen and Janine for a fun day!