The following days after each Monday I have the pleasure of seeing so many people's artwork that was inspired by Monday night!  It is such an honor and I just want to share some of this weeks projects from this past Monday which I shared my piece HERE:



and here are some of the pieces share with ME!

Sandy Beach


Jean Marmo


Julia Alter Canvin

Mary Kay McDonnell

Von Reeder


All are so different yet each artist was inspired by something they saw LIVE!  Mixed Media Mondays make Monday a great way to start the week!  I look forward to every Monday to see what happens!  

 Thank you to those artists who tune in every Monday (and watch the recordings) and to those who share their work and a part of themselves with me! ♥

"Only in hindsight, will the miracles become obvious, will
you see you were guided, and will you find there was order all along."