Do you ever stare at a blank white page and just envision what you want to create on it.  I get asked a lot how or what inspires me to start a page…..Picture 32a
Sometimes I challenge myself and pull out a hand full of supplies I want to try and fit on a page and sometimes I build off a quote or photo I have.  Most times I just start painting.  This time I chose Black DecoArt Paint.  I rarely use a black background so where this was headed I had no idea, nor had I pulled any supplies….nor did I have a quote to inspire me.  Just some black paint…….

and the page that came from that blank white paper is one that I just love and it so inspired me to do more projects with dark backgrounds!  TWB_4995a
I will tell you this….my love for the Fabscraps line made this easy and I got some new stuff at CHA and was anxious to use it! 


  • Adhesives:  Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste, 450 Quick Dry, Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Patterned Paper & Charms:  FabScraps
  • Flowers:  Michaels (painted black and gold)
  • Ribbon:  May Arts
  • Paints:  DecoArt


I also want to share something that someone email me that made me feel so great as in some little way I inspired her to do something creative……and pay it forward in a way:

"Thought I would share with you what I made for my mom’s 84th birthday next week. She was always quite an artist – loved to do oil paintings and charcoal sketches. I did NOT get that gene! The past few years her hands have been bothering her and it is too much work to drag out her art supplies. So I had this idea to make her an art journal. I cut watercolor paper to about 8 x 9 inches and made cardboard covers. I covered those with papers and decorated the cover. In addition to the album I gave her watercolor pencils. She was thrilled!! I told her the idea is to just create a little something every day. Not big paintings but just small easy to do projects – birds, hearts, doodles, etc. She was thrilled with the gift! Sorry the photo of her is out of focus. Not sure what my camera was doing. I think this is something she can manage and look forward to seeing some of her pages next time I visit her.  Thought I’d share with you.  Thanks so much." ~Jean

Jean Jean1

I beg to differ on Jean's take on the artist gene!  Creativity comes from within!  I am not trained (always wish I was) but I do what speaks to me.  I probably could not paint a building with the proper dimension, shading and light but I can put down on paper what feels right to me.  Do not be afraid to play in your art journal!  I was afraid of that dark background and absolutely love this page!  What are you afraid to experiment, maybe a technique or a product? 


"At any given moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end." – Unknown