Day two in Texas was a busy one.  We started our day by heading Dsc_8533_10over to my friend Char’s house for brunch.  I have known Char via the internet for 7 years!  This was our first face-to-face meeting and it was wonderful.  She has a very lovely family.  I can see why she gushes about her son Nick because he is an impressive young man.  I enjoyed seeing that familiar mom/teenage relationship as they bantered back and forth in sign language.  He was correcting the details of Char’s stories.  Too funny.  Her house is warm and inviting and the food was yummy.  The kids particularly loved the cokes out of the antique coke machine.  I was also so happy that Tammy and Mickie came.  The internet has opened the door to so many great friendships in my life.  I just loved sitting there among those Texas accents.  Thanks so much Char for having us all over.  You are just as wonderful as everyone says you are!  Thanks so much Mickie and Tammy!  I am looking forward to seeing Char this week. 

We then headed out to Ft. Worth for some sight-seeing.  We took the kids to the Ft. Worth Science Museum & History.  The kids loved the Imax Movie and the Star Wars exhibit.  The lines were crazy but it was fun.  We also took in the Cowgirl Museum across the street.  Then on to downtown Ft. Worth which I loved.  What a beautiful city.  We had dinner at Riscky’s BBQ.  YUMMY!  Pete and I got all you can eat ribs and if I do not see another piece of red meat in my life it would be too soon! 

Today we are getting a later start and relaxing a bit.