I have to say that the last couple of weeks/years have been so full circle for me.  I truly believe in Newton's Third Law of Motion, "The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear."….or in layman's terms "You get back what you put out".  I have always tried to put out the good stuff and it was not until my 40's that I realized taking care of everyone, being Super Mom, and the martyr was not what it was about and not to expect those things to come back to me.  I understand the work hard theory but I like to think of it as the work smarter theory and to truly put out and be who you are without anything to be returned. 

In my 40's I turned down more things and found things that I am passionate about and lately it seems so many things are coming back to me in ways I never imagined.  As artists it is so common to protect your "secrets" and as women it seems like no one wants you to get ahead so you covet everything you know.  How silly that is!  I so want to share what little knowledge I have and also love to see those around me rise up (because quite honestly they raise you up in ways you never knew possible).  It is like your children.  You want to give them everything you know, pass down your skills and just see them take off (so they put you in a nice nursing home).  I treat those around much in that same way and just hope in some way I left a good imprint on their soul.  Again I have said it that everyone who passes through you life leaves an imprint on your soul. I want that to be positive for me.

Soooooooooooo, lately through my work, Ustream and art I have just put so much of me out thee and let that fear of failure.  Don't get me wrong…I am scared out of my mind but loving this opportunity to do what I am passionate about and it comes back to me with such force……….

This week I found out that my workshop that went on sale this week sold out right away.  50 people signed up to see me (see me sweat my palms off!) and CHA contacted me to add 25 more seats!  I mean pinch me!  It was just years ago I went to my first trade show and walked around hoping to "get my name out there" (whatever that meant).  I worked my rear off in an industry I love not knowing what would ever come back to me and now look!  That is my picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


now I work my rear off to show these 75 people the creative time of their life!  I may not sleep in January!

and years ago I started a Design Team for Helmar (a company I stated with by designing for them) and this team was "my baby".  It was a full-circle moment from busting my rear trying out for design teams and then getting to actually "lead" one.  I mean who am I!  I am a designer, I am them…….they are my team.  These past few weeks I had the pleasure to be a part of selecting the new team and announcing those amazing designers HERE that I get to work among.  What a moment that has come back to me in a way I never thought.  They just don't know how much they mean to me.

I get to work with products I love and create things that make me happy (well not all those creations make me happy) and though I never know just how it will go (you can't please everyone)…I put out what I can.  And when I see messages like this it all comes back…..

Susan Garman: "Loved Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos ustream this past week and want to share what she helped inspire me to create."


So thanks Newton for that Third Law because what I am putting out I am seeing an opposite and equal reaction".  I don't know always what that reaction will be but I sure love knowing that at the end of the day I left a little piece of me out there.

This quote seems so fitting in those times when I am unsure and scared out of my mind (on a daily basis):

The question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit if given the chance to unfold.

It makes me wonder who I am going to be!  Now back to our regular blog and my sarcastic humor! Gotta gear up for those 75 people in my class in January (did I just say 75 people!  oh pee my pants!)!