Today I woke up and decided to take the kidlets to the San Diego County Fair.  Now for a foodie like me the Fair is kind of like dying and going to heaven except I don't envision that food in heaven will be deep fried with tons of calories.  We decided it would be a day with no time lines, no work and no big cameras (they forgot I have that little pocket one…hence the low quality shots).  Did they actually think I was not going to document this in some way?  

So after a trip to the bank to get money (hmmm, I will not use that much money but better get it just in case).  We got to the fair as it opened at 11 am.  With a spring in our steps we set out to eat our way through the Midway. 

Our first snack was potato chips with cheese…YUM-O!  That was just a snack to warm up
P6191539 P6191541

We then met up with friends to take in some of the shops and exhibits.  I swear I am sucker for those "As Seen On TV" gizmos  There is nothing better than seeing demos of mops that suck the microorganisms out of your carpet, slicers that make salsa look like making cereal, hair ties that make you look like Princess Leah, chamois that soak up Shamu's tank, and glass cleaner that repels every speck of dust in your house.  They are truly miracles and I am so good at resisting but the three kidlets talked me into the darn slicer and (2) hair holders that "we just have to have".  I could resist but the kidlets have not learned yet.  But rumor has it that I will be served an omelet tomorrow in bed. Of course we had fun in there and Micky loved getting pampered
P6191552 P6191553 

Back out we go to fill out tummies with a brisket sandwich and chili cheese fries.  Again, yummy!

We took in the photography and art exhibuts as I wanted this adventure to include some worthwhile art appreciation.  Then time to hit the Kidlet area where my very own twins starred in a dog show.  Don't they make the cutest little hurdle! 
P6191579 P6191583

Time for desert.  Up to this point we agreed to split all food but desert was all individual choices.  Tyler was just dying for his beloved funnel cake.  How can something so light and airy be so full of calories?  Micky joined him.  All the while I was carrying my 55 lb Joey who was nursing a tummy ache.  That was short-lived when he saw the Icee stand. 
P6191584 P6191586

Our legs were giving out so we decided to take the Sky Ride back to the midway.  This was a great view of the Fair.  
P6191595 P6191593
P6191632 P6191623

They all started out as daredevils but take note of the death grip. 

After that we just had to have the Chocolate Covered Bacon. Now I know that sounds gross however how can you go wrong when you mix two of my most favorite foods…
P6191643 P6191644

My favorite ride was the Footsie Wootsie.  I decided I need to install one of these in my living room.
P6191648 P6191646

I think this may have been Tyler's favorite part of the Fair…..

So with my last $10 in hand (remember how I wondered if I would use all that money) I had the major decision to go with one of the following; deep fried Twinkie, deep fried S'mores, or the tried and true cinnamon roll.  You cannot go wrong with the cinnamon roll so I had to wrap that up to go and boy was I glad tonight to enjoy this with my tea.
P6191658  P6191657

After all this fun this is how they felt……..

After all that fun, this is how I felt……..boy Bessie I feel your pain.

So the moral of the story $100 from ATM, 20 miles on foot, way too calories taken in and all those smiles and laughs………………………absolutely priceless.