It has been awhile since I gave an up-date on our beloved "Furball", Penny.  She is more lovable every day and has found her way onto laps, couches and in beds.  We think she has springs in her legs and jumping beans in her buttom and she continues with new advenutures every day. Similar to the twins I now know when it is too quiet Miss Penny is up to NO good!

She has digested part of our tree, de-tinselled the tree and thinks that grabbing ornaments from 4 feet up off the tree and running is a game.  Needless to say that I do not like the Ornament Game as much as she does. 

Last week she found a new game she loves….The "TP Dash".  This is really a game the whole family can play.  The rules are simple and are very similar to the "Hide a Flip Flop Game.  Simply leave the bathroom door open.  Watch her walk in, grab and run like hell……..

We have noticed with her games that all the rules are pretty simple and usually involve us running laps around the dining room table where she tucks in because we cannot get under that.  I bet Costco appreciates the "TP Dash".  They restock our game for every roll.  Please also know that tinsel from the Christmas tree can be used in lieu of toilet paper.  In this case we call the game the "Tinsel Trek". 

Here is fun game that I prefer……."Penny In The Box"

TWB_5784aThis is another game I enjoy the most and all you need is a good sunny patch….."The Napping Game":


Deck the Halls (or TP the Halls!) from Penny!


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  ~Roger Caras