We interupt this Creative process for a word from our sponsor………Penny (aka "The Furball").  It has been a couple of days of pure mayhem this week!  Here is the Queen of Sheeba on her perch….

TWB_6818 copy 

Yes she looks innocent, right?  I mean look at her watch-dog stance….ready to attack any enemy……

So what could this angel be up to?  Let's see…..another pair of Sketcher shoes are chewed up, a baseball hat, a library book AND………the rubber STOPPER TO MY BATHTUB!  So no hot baths for me this week!  She also managed to take an accidental bath in the toilet!  Do you people know how close I was to just hitting that flush knob?  I think the kids knew because immediately they came to her rescue and bathed her.  OH wait, we could not hold the water in the bath tub because she chewed up the stopper! 

and yet when you walk in the room she gets excited like she has not seen you in forever (when you just saw her 2 seconds befoe) and immediatley lies on her back exposing her belly for a good rub down. Or, she snuggles on the couch right next to you and looks at you until you give her that much needed belly rub…


Who can she cause this much mayhem and still get a belly rub?  There is something way wrong with this picture.   Gotta go….The Furball just entered my office and snuggled up next to my feet with her belly exposed.  Time to get busy.

……………………………….now back to your regularly scheduled Creative process!


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.  ~Josh Billings