Warning, this is one of those over-the-top proud mom moments that most don't care to read so if this pertains to you please cease reading.  You will be able to tell in the video just how proud I am so don't tell me I did not warn you.

Yesterday Tyelr had his fourth baseball game and the season has started out rather rocky….no wins, 3 loses to be exact.  So of course they entered the game with the hopes of a big win. 

It was a good close game and we were holding our own.  Tyler had two clunkers to the pitcher but he looked good doing it……..

TWB_9126 copy 

We were up most of the game and then in the bottom of the 6th they got two runs and they were beating us by 1 run.  This is the point where the moms pack up their gear, think about the motivational tidbits they are going to give on the way home……."Honey, you win some, you lose some", "You played your best and that is all that matters", "Next time you will get them".  The sun was going down so I packed up the camera and I waited for the top of the last inning, our last bats. 

The first batter got on base and Tyler was up………..(it was at this point I grabbed my Flip video and I am glad I did!).

Yes, Ty had the most beautiful bunt and all were safe.  The run came home to tie it up and with some stealing and the next batter Tyler was the winning run. 

So I did warn you that this was brought to you by one proud mom!  That dorky laugh/cry deal at the end gives it away. 

Tyler and our pitcher got the game balls and I packed up all those motivations tidbits to use for the next time.  In the meantime we celebrated that Burgos Bunt and our first win!