July was a great month to work in my studio, be creative and focus on my work.  Some new opportunities have come from it but more importantly I shared a lot about myself HERE and what came back to me was amazing.  Somtimes as an artist/writer you don't know when something will strike someone, some words will hit home or your art will strike a chord.  When you can do that and you connect that means so much.

I always try to keep the art as the focus of my website but sometimes you have to share who you are, life expeirences for your art to connect.  That has certainly what I have been doing.  My latest watercolor painting in my moleskin (still working on my doodling skills) came from the place I was in…..



The creative process…..



Thank you very much to Paula Munroe for the quote that perfectly suited the moment.  The last few days I have been inundated with emails and comments that have left me feeling humbled and propelling me forward doing something that means so much to me:

Betty D: I absolutely love your passion for art and I get
so much inspiration from you (when I can't watch the live shows, I always catch
the re-runs on youtube).  I'm also inspired by your always upbeat view of
life and know yours will be one very incredible journey!  I've also just signed up on your FB page and look
forward to sharing your ride!

Dawn H: Love you Tracy! You are a beautiful story that continues to be written. A symbol of hope for anyone going through a divorce and needing to know they too will be ok.

Kim S: I lived through "it" and it definitely made me who I am today, Tracy. Perfect words. Tough when it's happening, empowering when it's all done.

Kristen M:  Amazing blog. Loved it. Yes, we all have a story.

Yvonne: Tracy, you have no idea how many times you've helped me to focus on what's important in my life and to really stop and count my many blessings. You inspire me to try and let go and just create for the sake of creating. I've enjoyed our glasses of wine together and truly hoor we can 'clink' one day in person. ♥♡♥

Deborah R:  it seems like hell at the time and very lonely but good men really out there it took years i found my prince…keep your standards high, pray, and make them treat you like a lady. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Cathie W: <tears> thank you sometimes we women put each other down more then any other can…you reminded me that I am who I am ..own it…love it and embrace it….its not perfect but it is me and i love me and those with me …love me as is…

Sue A:  Great post Tracy!! You are a strong woman, able to see the beauty in the city around you, inspire other women with your talents, wisdom and perseverance, and breathe in all the life you can!  You are a Wonder Woman!! All woman should strive to reach that level of confidence and joy – it's IN them – some just don't know it until they're tested! 

Janice M: I had a feeling about this Tracy when I first joined this group… your work and blog is so wonderful to see and read… interesting through your eyes… I have been there and it was MY choice to leave and have never looked back…. once I let go of all connections… (friends included)… it was all downhill…. I love my solitude and have many new friends and secret loves…. I was always told to "write your story" as I have been on a great adventure and love it … keep on believing and doing what you do… it is so INSPIRING!

Jamie D
: You are just such an inspiring, amazing person, I am honored to call you a friend.


These were just a few of the comments that were posted.  Many of the emails I have saved private emails and know the walk so many have to walk, no matter what your story.  I did not post that thinking I would get such a strong reaction and I am so glad I did.  As I was telling someone, it is about how you walk the walk, negative or positive.  I see so many airing out their dirty laundry on social media using it as a weapon instead of positively as a tool.  

Sharing your story and your art to connect brings things back to you ten-fold.  This has been a month of focusing on what is important to me and what has come back has been amazing.

Write, your Story, Paint your Story, Share your Story…….


"You can't control everything.  Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out.  Let go a little and just let life happen."