The last few weeks/heck months have been busy ones.  I have been making lists, packing workshop kits, designing/kitting make 'n takes, shopping for things for our booth, and so much more for CHA.  It has been the focus of my life for some time and now just two days before I leave I see those lists shrinking and those boxes packed……..

Photo copy
Photo1 copy

Those make 'n takes ready for some gluing….


It was just a few short years ago I was going to my first CHA and I had absolutely no idea nor could fathem that years later I would be coordinating a booth from top to bottom.  Taking just a moment this Wednesday morning to think about that.  We complain about those lists, angonize over what we may have forgotten, and even let that get in the way of what we have happening.

This past week I also went to a funeral and memorialized the life of a fellow mom and friend.  The room was filled and you could just see the impact this one woman had on every single person in the room.  It made me stop and put all those lists aside and think.  We are so lucky to have what we have in our lives (even the stuff that is not so great that we just have to get through)….but the impact we have is far reaching than we will ever know.  

I know that more than ever by those friends who have stepped up to help me out with so many things including getting my kids to/from and making me take time off to refuel!.  My parents, especially my mom for packing those kits one by one AND caring for the kids.  Could not do it without them!  The kids for stepping around boxes and even using them to hide behind.  So much more…

Last week I also got my biopsy report that all is a-okay and nothing to worry about so I carry on.  Yep, I get to carry on and mark those lists off, do what I love and share that with hundreds of people in my industry that are just as passionate about crafting and art.  I get to do that.  I also get to stop and be thankful.  Things do have a way of working out and they may not be perfect but they do work out. 

I also woke up to this email this morning that gave me a giant pep in my step………

"Hi! I have truly been enjoying your ustream videos. You made a remark about not knowing if you taught us much and I just wanted to let you know how you've helped me. I'm going through some things right now that actually scare me. Life is scary to me right now but your last show inspired me to actually want to create again. Thus, I started my mini art journal! You may not ever realize the lives you touch by giving of yourself, your time, and your talent. Thank you so much for helping motivate me to actually get excited about creating again. I hope God blesses you richly for what you do! "

I am richly blessed and as I travel this week to share what I love I will keep this message on my phone just as a reminder.  You just never know the impact you have on those around you so matter what you are doing in life….make it a good one!



"Do not let your past rob your future. Each day is a chance to make a new beginning. Count your blessings, live with gratitude, and love with all your heart" ~Unknown