Many recent events and opportunities has me thinking about what are my gifts? Besides painting pretty pictures with flowers and hearts what are my gifts…what can I give? I truly believe that in life you may have a talent but that talent calls on lots of resources in your life.  You should never be close minded to expanding what do and be open to change. Never did I think that I would be in Dallas teaching a focus group. Never did I think I would collaborate with some amazing companies and Artists.  But I was open to it.  My road has been a long one. I have heard people say you are so lucky to be doing what you love…I am lucky, fortunate, hardworking, willing to reinvent myself when the time is needed and not get stuck on one dream.  I have expanding my dreams to include writing.

I was asked this week what is something I wish I could let my younger self know. I would have wanted to let me know that I have a voice…not to wait for 40 years to use it and that my voice has some important things to share.  So writing is one way to do that.  By sharing who I am I have met so many wonderful people and along with that came new opportunities.

The important thing is to know your gifts and remember you have value. Whether it is painting and finding your own style or being in the board room. It is important not to minimize your gifts.


Some of the most poignant words every spoke to me was “Where will this art thing ever take you”. This was posed in a way that got me thinking… me!  Once time I had a boss say “you cannot go out get a job with X figures and my first thought was watch me….I updated that resume and was offered that opportunity. I feel my life has been a “watch me” test but not to prove it to others but to stretch myself and find my gifts.  I fear failure just like so many.  But that “watch me” attitude makes me push through.

So what are my gifts?  My gifts include connecting with people. I am really good at talking with people, working effectively especially with humor to make that connection. I do truly believe that it is worth the effort to get to know people and listen.  I am great at marketing, sales, organizational skills, multi-tasking and communicating. I had a boss who believed in me early on and urged me to try sales and that was so out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I did. I sure learned a lot.  I am creative, colorful and love to share my passion.  Maybe one of my greatest gifts…I care.

I am daring to create out of my comfort zone with colors picked by Andy Skinner……Industrial is so out of my box but finding my gifts on this path…


This week in Dallas I wore my bracelet that says  “She believed she could so she did” and “Live the life you love”


Those reminders are sometimes all I need.  I hope this post provokes you to explore your gifts and be proud of them!  Care to share them with me?…post a comment below!  I would love hear!

 Creative people know that trusting your intuition is equivalent to trusting your true self; and the more you trust your true self, the more control you have of making your biggest goals and wildest dreams come true, just the way you envision.”